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 Confident NP Coaching & Mentoring Group Sessions

(1-hour sessions, once a week over 1 month)

Mentoring is a foundational component for a successful transition from RN to NP. A mentor acts as an advisor and resource through the entire NP role transition. Coaching a novice NP can guide the learning and education necessary for acclimating into the new NP role and help the NP student develop increased confidence and capability in performing new skills.

Gain a peace of mind knowing you can be prepared, boost your confidence and exceed your expectations as a Confident NP.


Your Investment: Group Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring has shown to have a powerful, positive impact on self-confidence, wellness and work performance. It develops and enhances your skills both professionally and personally.

Building rapport, relationships, effectiveness in listening and providing feedback to ALL questions or concern when becoming a Confident NP!

This portion will provide opportunities for discussion and insights you need to better be prepared.

  •  Small groups (attend training via zoom interactive classes)

  • Options: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months (ONLY 8 slots per month)

  • Specialized Course Materials

  • Exclusive resources for members ONLY 

  • “The First Year Survival Tips” eBook

  • “Time Management” eBook

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